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                                                                                                          Design Professionals and Quality Upholstery Workmanship...    

              Designer - Designed Furniture                       A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC               (303) 972-2207
3 of 4 chairs in stages
    Production staging of the upholstery bench with 3 of the 4 chairs.
Four Matching Custom Chairs
    Four custom designed matching leather and fabric roll arm chair.

     Designer Workroom Services         Wood Frame Changes                 A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC

Coordinating outside fabric
First chair is complete
Both Chairs Ready fo Delivery

Original 1 of 2 - 36 inch chairs
     Original chair.
Frame height change
    Back Extension.
Frame height comparison
  First of two chairs ready.
Fancy nails trim the chair
    Close up of matched pattern and trim.
Outside Arm
    Coordinating outside arm.

    Commercial Upholstery                                                               Furniture frame changes, build up or re-structure your design
    Commercial Photo Gallery                                                         request. Email a photo Here or call... (303) 972-2207
  Custom Made Bar Stools
Custom upholstered bar stools
Custom bar stools upholstered in copper embossed leather and nails.
  Proper Frame Preparation
Crowned seat foam
   Half back with tight seat base.

    Expert Fabric Application

Close up arm with trim
   Closeup gimp fringe with nails.
Proper Upholstery Technique
Upholstered bar stool seat
     Embossed leather pull-over.

  Quality Workmanship Only!

Outside back of barstool
         Finished outside back.

Fringe trimmed with fancy nails
Arm and back fringe trimmed in nails.
Inside rounded back
Tight and rounded without pattern stretch.
Set of Half Back Bar Stools
      Completed set of upholstered bar stools.

                                                                             If you can imagine and design the look -  we'll make exactly as ordered!
     Custom Upholstered Benches                                   Monday-Friday 8-6  Saturday 8-12   (303) 972-2207

Parson's Bench
     Upholstered Parson's style bench with coordinating welt trim.
Parson's bench welt trim
            Close up of upholstered bench leg with adjustable gliders.    

          Custom Upholstered Round Benches                        Custom Upholstered Oval Ottomans

Round bench with fringe trim Oval Ottoman

Round frame
Crowned seat foam
Oval ottoman frame
Oval upholstered in imprinted leather

                                                                                              Pretty Awesome... aren't they? If you can imagine it... we'll upholster it!

              Custom Upholstered Headboards                   A.I.R. Upholstery                          (303) 972-2207
King Headboard Upholstered in Leather
Padded rail and raised inset interior facing in textured leather.
   Stand up view of headboard
Raised inset with padded rail in beautiful white brocade fabric.

Custom Made Window Topper Treatments       A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC                (303) 972-2207
Custom made and installed flagged cornice
      Our Upholstery Workroom produces the work as ordered.
  Quality Built and Upholstered
Gold welt trim is stapled to board
     Upholstering the trim to board.

       Design and Production
It all started with a drawing
      Tasseled flags are attached.
      Coordinated Customizing
Custom made pillows and flags
    Flags and pillows on the bench.

             Pillows to Match
Custom made pillows
     Coordinating assorted pillows.

                                                                                                      Contract Upholstery Workshop, Custom Made, Residential and
 Custom Built Cornice Boards                                           Commercial Upholstery Services.   Contact Us
Custom built and upholstered cornice boards
          Finished end panel.
Seamless installation
         Coordinated and built-to-fit window cornices.
Color coordinated drapes and blinds
   L-shaped cornice boards for drape panel and shades.

For Information on Our Designer Workshop Services,

Made-to-Match Upholstered Ottomans                                 call the shop at (303) 972-2207 or  Contact Us here.
Built-to-match upholstered wheeled ottoman
      The left ottoman was the original upholstered ottoman that we duplicated.
Matching set of ottomans
    Identically built-to-finish interior storage ottoman.

Hard-to-find matched casters
   We matched everything, including the caster wheels.

                                                                                                            Professional Furniture Pick up, Delivery and Installations
             Custom Made Wicker Cushions                              CLICK HERE  or Call Us at  (303) 972-2207
Custom made-to-fit wicker frame cushions
  Custom wicker and patio furniture cushions made-to-fit seat and back cushions.
Close up of cushion with coordinate bolster
          Centered, 'growing' floral pattern with bolster.

    A.I.R. Upholstery
            Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                  (303) 972-2207

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