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  Made-to-Order Frames Designed to Meet Your Needs!

   Custom Made Furniture and Frames                          A.I.R. Upholstery   CONTACT US  (303) 972-2207
Upholstered Storage Ottoman
     36" x 36" x 21" made-to-match upholstered sectional ottoman.

Makes a Great Toy Box for Toddlers
      Tension-hinged with cushion tops ottoman's keep fingers safe!

Custom built wood box frame
    Hard wood boxed frame and plywood top.
Upholstered Ottoman Exterior
  Tension hinge tops are convenient and safe.
Completed Storage Ottoman
  Upholstered with pull strap for easy opening.

      Upholstered Furniture                                    We design and produce some really creative upholstered storage
      Furniture Photo Gallery                                   ottomans that work great for toys and things...

     Custom Made Components         Built-to-Fit and Upholstered            Creative Carpet Installation
Custom built speaker/storage deck
   Custom built wood frame to be upholstered.
Custom upholstered back deck
      Upholstering the top of the deck in vinyl.
Carpet binding on interior deck stand
        Binding the carpet for the interior stands.
 Back bench installed in VW
    A peek through the window during fitting.
 Carpeted Storage Compartment
   Seat back folds down for carpeted storage.
 Completed Speaker Deck
     Custom made speaker deck is complete.
                   Click HERE to SEE the Finished 1969 WV Beetle, shown above featured in our Upholstery Showcase

    Metal Frame Upholstery                      A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC                             (303) 972-2207
Original back of VW
    Carpet's removed for interior restoration.
 New back bench seat frame
       Acquired factory bench seat assembly.
New back bench back frame
    Back frame is re-installed to factory specs.
 Decking applied to bench frame
   Canvas decking upholstered to metal frame.
 Upholstery begins on bench seat
    Top panel is channeled for seat to be sewn.
 New back bench seat cover
   Completed bench seat ready to be installed.

      Automotive Upholstery                         Do you need custom built, made-to-match or built-to-fit furniture? CONTACT US

   Custom Built Sofa and Love Seat Frames                 Quality Built Double-Doweled Hardwood Frames
Custom Built Roll Arm Camel Back Frame
 Shown with No-Sag Seat Springs.
Box arm sofa and love seat
    Shown with 8-way coil springs.
Custom 90 Sofa Frame
  Custom roll arm 90" sofa frame.
No-Sag Springs and Seat Deck
     Seat deck with back springs.

Home Page                                                                             Do you have a custom made frame idea we can help you with?
    Furniture Upholstery                                                              Call us Monday - Saturday 8-6
  (303) 972-2207

Custom Chair Frames
   Queen Anne Frames.
Custom Built Headboards
   Upholstered Headboards.
Custom King Headboard Frame
        Shaped Headboard Frames.
Upholstered King Headboard in White Brocade
    Custom Upholstered Headboard.

     Commercial Upholstery                                                Send PDF Form Prints for Materials and Upholstery Labor Quotes HERE

Restaurant Booth Frames                                   Banquette and Built-to-Fit Frames
Custom Made Booth Frame
   Wood is cut, sanded smooth and assembled.
Custom Made Double Booth
  Back-to-back booth frame with built in base.
Insided Single Booth
  Custom upholstering restaurant booth frame.

   Custom Window Toppers, Railings and Cornice Boards                                           Email Dimensions for a Quote.
Shirred Valance
     Upholstered Shirred Back.
Swag Topper
       Swag Board
Custom Made-by-Design Cornice
     Different Styles Display
Balloon Valance
       Balloon Valance
Custom made - Custom installed
     Custom Built Upholstered Cornice

    A.I.R. Upholstery                Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery, LLC              (303) 972-2207

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