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    Contract Upholstery Services for Furniture, Upholstered Substrates, Interior and Upholstery Repairs and Maintenance

   Commercial Upholstery Services                                                                     A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC  (303) 972-2207
First group of made-to-match booths
  Completed and installed finished single and a set of double booths, custom made-to-match.
Consistant and precise production
     Custom built-to-match dining booths.
Booths prior to table installation
     Booths set in place prior to the tables.

    Restaurant Booths and Banquettes                                            Quality Workmanship is Guaranteed!

Patterns cut ready to be sewn
     Preparing to sew the seats.
Precise measure for precise fit
   Measuring to assure square.
Each frame is made to order
      Assembled booth frame.
On the Bench
     Booth back is upholstered.
Completed back and side trim
View of upholstered top side.
Custom Upholstery
    Bench seat is upholstered.
Upholstered booth seat
        Completed booth seat.
Production in process
       Production in process.
Booth installed on base
    Upholstered seat and base.
Single booth insided
   Inside single booth complete.

Booths are set in place
        Single Restaurant Booths 
Built-to-Match Booths
       Double Restaurant Booths
Ready for the table tops
           Custom Upholstery Services

         Medical Furniture Upholstery 
Original Dental Chair Cover
          The original dental chair upholstery.
Preparing to Pattern
      The panels seams are split to pattern.
New vinyl
           The new vinyl on the cutting table.
Seat cushion back panel
    The snap panels are sewn to the seat panel.
Panels are sewn
                Seat top panel is cut and sewn.
Upholstery sections as finished
             The finished sections to the chair.

Cushion sections with snaps
               The snaps are installed to the new upholstered sections.
     Completed Dental Chair
     The dental chair arm covers, seat, back and headrest are complete.

  Upholstery Production Workshop Services                  Designer Workroom          Contract Workshop
     Incoming Curved Bench
        Original curved 10 foot bench. Back frame change to solid back.
           Re-upholstered Blue Curved Bench
            Same bench, framed changed, seat base and foam repaired.

Bench frame change
  Orange vinyl on back is removed.
Bach Frame Change
    Back frame is filled and braced.
Frame Fill-in
          Original foam is repaired.
Solid back frame with foam
      Back frame is solid and ready.

Commercial Grade Vinyls and Fabrics          Sewing and Industry Supplies                 Quality Upholstery Workmanship

New blue vinyl
   Bolt of blue is rolled out for flaw inspection.
Sewing blue vinyl.
   Vinyl is then cut and sewn and top stitched.
Bench back is upholstered
  Bench back is upholstered, awaiting the seat.

     Foam Repaired & Replaced        Broken Frames Exposed         Affordable Frame Repairs         Upholstery Workshop

Damage seat foam
      Bench foam needed repaired.
Broken Seat Base
      Broken seat frame platform.
Bench seat base repaired
  Repaired and secured seat base.
Seat's sewn and ready for upholstery
           Upholstery in process.

Upholstered bench seat
    Bench seat is repaired and re-upholstered.
Upholstered End Panels
      Finished side panels with white welt trim.
Completed Curved Bench
     Completed 10 foot bench ready to install.

     We'll repair a booth at a time, or build you new ones, if need be. Anything we can do for your upholstered seating.

    A Set at a Time...                                            A.I.R. Upholstery, LLC                                      (303) 972-2207
Removal of original orange vinyl
Purple inside back being applied
Back complete with trim
A set of 10 foot curved benches Fit check on purple bench seat 10 foot re-upholstered purple bench installed

     Upholstered Bar Rails, Bar Stools, Restaurant Booths, Built-to-Fit Banquettes and Upholstered Bench Seating for Your Business.

     Casino Seating Upholstery                   Table and Bar Rails
                 Contact Us         (303) 972-2207
Custom table rail
    Made-to-Fit framework for Gaming Table.
First set is almost done
   Custom upholstered round-end table rails.
Custom made table rail
      Bar Stools, Chairs and Booth Upholstery.

        Commercial Upholstery, Custom Built Frames,
Upholstered Walls, Furniture Restoration, Reception Counters and Display Cases...

   Upholstered Reception Counters                    CONTACT US Here.
Retail store sales counter
        Updated this retail sales counter base upholstered with white leatherette.
The original laminate is removed
    Laminated front panels were removed and prepared.
Close up of upholstered walls
         Close-up of upholstered front and restored base.

                      Custom Built Restaurant Booths
Custom Built Restaurant Booths
   Single, double and corner booths with fabric backs, vinyl seat, top and end caps.
     Booths, Chairs, Bar Stools and Benches.
Channeled cloth with vinyl trimVinyl booth seat baseUpholstered seat base
Contract Fabrics, Vinyls and Leathers Contract Patterns           Contract Vinyl
     Contract Patterns                              Contract VinylContract Blends           Contract Solids
        Contract Blends                              Contract Solids

     Upholstery services for Office Furniture, Public Seating,
Booths, Banquettes, Medical Tables, Waiting Areas and On-Site Repairs.

      A.I.R. Upholstery                 Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                  (303) 972-2207

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